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Kids in a Candy Store

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Welcome to my world of Ford Racing, Mustangs, Boss 302, Shelby Cobra, Daytona, GT350 and 500, Camaro, GTO, Firebird, Corvette and Corvette Racing, Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, et al. and the lives of Tazio Nuvolari, Enzo Ferrari, Alberto Ascari, Vittorio Jano,  Sterling Moss, Phil Hill, Carroll Shelby, Jo Siffert, Jimmy Clark, Peter Bryant, et al., as represented in Apparel, Accessories, on Posters, in Books.

I had to grow up to be a kid in a candy store.  Race Culture is an old man's expression of his youth.  Hopefully future blogs will stay on course.  The course of course is to:

 A) Promote our passion for the history of Sport Car Road Racing, documenting the golden years pre WWll, the golden era of the late 1950's to late 1970's, and to start documenting the new golden age starting this decade by creating imaged apparel, accessories and collectible memorabilia that will stand the test of time. 

B) In the same way, we will create wearable and visual memories that honor the fabulous machines and incredibly talented and brave men - drivers, mechanics and innovators of legendary status, whose knowledge, passion and DNA are being passed down through time.

C) I will exercise, on occasion, my need to give back by passing on safe driving tips and trying to get more people  participating in various competition venues. This can include anything from driving autocross, time trial, wheel to wheel or being a volunteer corner worker, help in the pits, concourse participant, volunteer, etc., etc. 

This is not a men's only venture and the products are not exclusively for men.  At the AROSC Perfomance Driving School www.arosc.org (which has been operating continuously for over 40 years), it has been frequently proven that, given as much instruction and seat time as a man, a woman will out drive him.  Now that they are starting younger, as men have for generations, and they are getting quality instruction, we are starting to see that statement proven. 

Our legacy is still our children.  We encourage children to come to auto events and museums (we help educate over 15,000 students a year at the Petersen Automotive Museum). When I see younger generations getting the adrenalin rush from the activity, beauty, sounds and general camaraderie and sportsmanship, I also see generations developing confidence, multiple physical and social skills and I see them developing into a future that they will contribute to positively.

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